Here We Go!

Apr 10, 2017

We made it to Petaluma! The hills are lush and vibrant green from all of the rain we’ve been having. The formerly dry creek bed that runs through the property is a gushing stream now, home to many loud toads that we’re sure will irk our Soundie. We have been enjoying our mornings observing the stunning wildlife in the area, among them red-winged blackbirds, horses, deer, wild turkeys, and jack rabbits.

Our team is loading in and we’re gearing up to start shooting tomorrow. We’ve had a healthy dose of adventure already. This morning, we were chased out of a pasture by a herd of sheep as we peeked at their newly born lambs, then had to pull our production designer’s car out of the mud a mile down the road. Last night, we cooked a meal for a pair of local ranchers who shared with us their stories of raising animals in this beautiful, remote area, and spoke about their ideology and work in changing our food landscape.


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